Hello From the Evil Pink Bunnies

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Hello From the Evil Pink Bunnies

New to the server or not, you can introduce yourself to the community here!
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So just wanted to say hi,

As some of you maybe aware EPB has arrived on Malden....

A little about us, we are comprised of 5 Aussies and one Token USA member (Me) the mean one....
We tend to PvE but we don't shy from PvP if engaged in the field....

We don't raid people but if were going past your base we may check if you left your doors open!
You also won't see us spawn camp! I personally feel its a rather cheep tactic.... But it seems to be a regular
thing around here!!!

Anyway good luck all and good fights to those we have already traded blows with!

***The "Real Rabbits are now on the Server"***
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