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Member of ZS

Pwning n00bs on Zero Survival since Feb 2016. Fastidious collector of game mechanics and statistics. Math guy, article writer, and mod tester. What else can I say?

  • Total play time 95hr 43min
  • Play time since last stats reset 95hr 43min
  • Last connected
  • Most recent player kill was Jacob with a SPMG .338 from 1,722m
  • Doug has been killed the most by Kaie, 1 time

Poptabs: 113,896

Respect: 453,740

Overall kills: 879

Overall deaths: 34

Suicides / Unknown: 8

Overall K/D: 25.85

Overall KPM: 0.153

Overall DPM: 0.006

Deadliest PVP Weapon: SPMG .338, with 3 kills

PVP Kills: 4 (0 were friendly)

PVP Deaths: 2 (0 were friendly)

PVP K/D: 2.00

PVP KPM: 0.001

PVP DPM: 0.000

Current life PVP killstreak: 0

Longest PVP killstreak: 3 kills in one life

Longest kill shot: Killed Jacob with a SPMG .338 from 1,722m

Deadliest NPC Weapon: SPMG .338, with 739 kills

AI Kills: 875

AI Deaths: 23

NPC K/D: 38.04

NPC KPM: 0.152

NPC DPM: 0.004

Current life NPC killstreak: 0

Longest NPC killstreak: 96 kills in one life

Longest NPC kill shot: Killed an NPC with a SPMG .338 from 5,648m

PVP History

Kill | Death | Friendly Fire

Kaie killed Doug with a M320 LRR .408 from 2,412m

Doug killed Jacob with a SPMG .338 from 1,722m

Doug killed Roman with a SPMG .338 from 991m

Doug killed -HunT- with a GM6 Lynx 12.7 mm from 638m

Marcos killed Doug with a M320 LRR .408 from 259m

Doug killed =CRBF=Necathor with a SPMG .338 from 122m

Kills & Deaths

PVP Timeline

Kills Deaths
Friendly Kills Friendly Deaths

NPC Timeline

Roaming Kills Roaming Deaths
Mission Kills Mission Deaths