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Things that make you go hmmmmm...

  • Total play time 88hr 23min
  • Play time since last stats reset 88hr 23min
  • Last connected
  • Most recent player kill was madd0x with a M320 LRR .408 from 1,911m
  • No one has killed vycore yet!

Poptabs: 281,236

Respect: 206,328

Overall kills: 59

Overall deaths: 13

Suicides / Unknown: 20

Overall K/D: 4.54

Overall KPM: 0.011

Overall DPM: 0.002

PVP Kills: 0 (0 were friendly)

PVP Deaths: 0 (0 were friendly)

PVP K/D: 0.00



Current life PVP killstreak: 0

Longest PVP killstreak: 10 kills in one life

Deadliest NPC Weapon: GM6 Lynx 12.7 mm, with 366 kills

AI Kills: 59

AI Deaths: 13

NPC K/D: 4.54

NPC KPM: 0.011

NPC DPM: 0.002

Current life NPC killstreak: 0

Longest NPC killstreak: 78 kills in one life

Longest NPC kill shot: Killed an NPC with a GM6 Lynx 12.7 mm from 2,266m

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